History of Internet in Argentina
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History of Internet in Argentina
by Jorge Amodio

Since the mid eighties and for more than ten years, I had the privilege and opportunity to be closely involved in the early development of Internet in Argentina.

The history has many faces and many voices, and I'm sure that as always did in the past, will create controversy (well after all we have latin blood).

At this moment I'm collecting old bits of information, pictures, articles, etc, trying to rewind my neurons, and start writing from my perspective what I had the pleasure to experience and learn during the early days of Internet in Argentina.

There has been a similar effort by an old friend, José Soriano, with the intention to preserve the memory of the development of Research and Education Networks in Latin America. I invite you to visit his Pioneros Internet site.

Finally this project is moving forward, I've to admit that I didn't thought it would require so much effort, but I'm doing my best to spend few hours a day working on it to make some progress trying to reconstruct this piece of history about networking in Argentina.

Right now I'm producing all material in spanish with the intention that as time permits start translating some portions to english.

Meanwhile if you are interested in exercise your spanish and read about the progress of this project, some documents that are taking shape, or some personal opinions that arise in the process, or provide your support, critics, comments, suggestions and corrections, I invite you to take a look at Blog de Historia y Evolución de Internet en Argentina that I started recently.

Best Regards

Jorge (aka pete)

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