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Jorge's Electronics Lab

Here are some pictures of my office/lab where many of the projects I'm working on happen (you can click on the images for a larger picture).

Most of the lab equipment in the pictures have some history and years of service, but they are still reliable and in working conditions.

Among them there are a couple of Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzers, Protocol Analizers, Multimeters, and Tektronix Oscilloscopes, Multimeter, Signal Generator, Power Supply, etc.

In terms of computing power my main desktop is a Gateway tower with a wide LCD screen running Windows XP (I'm still resisting the idea of installing Vista), there are pair of Apple iMacs (first and second generation) running Mac OS X, some old HP Series 80 machines, and hidden on a side a bunch of other machines running Linux, Solaris, Darwin, Ethernet switches, IP routers, VoIP and other gadgets.

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